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Books for Younger Readers

Kayak Girl

Monica Devine

Illustrated by Mindy Dwyer

Deep in Alaska

Christine Johnson 

Illustrated by Gary Johnson

Pup and Pokey 

Seth Kantner 

Illustrated by Beth Hill

Ivory and Paper: Adventures In and Out of Time

Ray Hudson

Mary’s Wild Winter Feast

Hannah Lindoff

Illustrated by Nobu Koch and Clarissa Rizal

Ollie’s First Year

By Jonathan London 

Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle

A King Salmon Journey

Debbie S. Miller and John H. Eiler 

Illustrated by Jon Van Zyle

Stubborn Gal: The True Story of an Undefeated Sled Dog Racer

Dan O’Neill

Illustrated by Klara Maisch

Little Whale: A Story of the Last Tlingit War Canoe

Roy A. Peratrovich

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