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Literary Books

Building Fires in the Snow: A Collection of Alaska LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry

Martha Amore and Lucian Childs

Human Being Songs: Northern Stories

Jean Anderson

The Geography of Water: A Novel

Mary Emerick

Cabin, Clearing, Forest: Stories

Zach Falcon 

Scavengers: Stories

Becky Hagenston

You Haven’t Asked About my Wedding or What I Wore: Poems of Courtship on the American Frontier

Jana Harris

Sailing by Ravens: Poems

Holly Hughes

The Echo of Ice Letting Go: Poems

Julie Hungiville Lemay

I Follow in the Dust She Raises: Poems

Linda Martin

The Creatures at the Absolute Bottom of the Sea: Stories

Rosemary McGuire

River of Light: A Conversation with Kabir

Poems by John Morgan

Illustrated by Kesler Woodward

The Storms of Denali: A Novel

Nicholas O’Connell

Overwinter: Poems 

Jeremy Pataky

Plash & Levitation: Poems

Adam Tavel

Cold Spell: A Novel

Deb Vanasse

Literary Books: Text
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